What We Do

We inspire smarter business planning and forecasting decisions by connecting internal data to billions of econometric signals to help oil & gas and commodity enterprises bring certainty to the future.

Zdaly WorldData

Billions of time series trends in one searchable platform

Unstructured Data Insights

Algorithms to extract insights from unstructured data

Market Intelligence

360-degree visualizations of competitors and market intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Connect internal and external data for predictive insights

How We Do It

Map internal data to billions of external statistics with pre-built quantitative models for 10x faster data prep, discovery and analysis.

  1. DATA
    We ingest, classify and map your internal data to billions of pre-curated external trends
    Our ML algorithms identify meaningful patterns and relationships
    Visualize quantitative, predictive and actionable intelligence

Who We Help


– Optimize asset utilization

– Improve field planning

– Reduce capital risk

Fuel & Retail

– Optimize retail capex

– Improve location planning

– Maximize pricing yields

Financial Services

– Accelerate research

– Improve compliance

– Predict customer churn


– Win more bids

– Reduce downtime

– Improve project scheduling

Data Intelligence Platform & Products

Zdaly WorldData
The largest source of world data
trends for quant analysis
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Pair internal data with external factors for predictive insights
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Competitive & Market Intelligence
Qualitative intel on competitors, customers, suppliers and markets
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Retail Fuel Network Optimizer
See how external factors impact forecourt to store behavior
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Smart CostMap
AI-driven cost center mapping for syndicated benchmarking
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Zdaly WorldData

3.3+ Billion World Trends & Econometrics

Access the largest pre-curated collection of world data trends and statistics, unified in a single taxonomy and quantitative research platform. Search and run thousands of multi-dimensional statistical models. Map internal data to external trends for augmented intelligence that improves human analysis at machine scale.

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