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Infographic eBook: The Energy Data Roundup

We visualize 15 key data trends you should know about about in the energy sector. Renewable energy is hot and China has been doubling down.

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Whitepaper: Call to CEO’s – AI as a Strategic Imperative

Big Data and AI promises to  transform entire industries and provide new competitive advantage. Many companies claim AI adoption but in few does it play a strategic role.

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Chart: Fed Quant Easing & Impact on Major Commodity Sectors

The energy and material sectors weakened as Feds stopped quantitative easing. Higher dollars negatively affects major commodity prices.

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Whitepaper: Unraveling AI for Non-Geeks – A Primer

Artificial intelligence is making a huge impact and there is growing delineation across AI, ML and DL as these fields are gaining immense popularity amongst classes and masses.

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Whitepaper: Demystifying Intelligent & Robotic Process Automation

In this era of Artificial Intelligence, bots can mimic human minds and outperform certain human tasks. Get insights on the role Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligence plays.

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