• Over 10billion datasets to choose from
  • Simple to use API syntax; clear API documentation
  • Unlimited developer support
  • Free until your App hits 500calls/day
  • Beyond 500calls, pay only for the data you use
  • Over 99.9% uptime

Have an idea to build the next big App?

Build and host your App using Zdaly’s data for FREE! Pay per data only after your App hits 25m data/month
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    Got an idea! Need data?

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    Search data on Zdaly

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    Generate API Token Build and Host Apps Free!

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    Pay when App starts making >500calls/day


  • Is the API free? Will you ever start charging for it?

    The API is absolutely FREE for 2months. After that the subscriptions is FREE up to 25m data per month. Once your app becomes successful (usage >25m data/months), we charge a nominal $250/month for maintenance.

  • What kind of data is available in Zdaly?

    Zdaly has over 10billion datasets, covering everything from Apple to Zinc, organized and distributed between 176 Sector. Data can be searched easily on Zdaly web portal.

  • Can I redistribute Zdaly’s data?

    Developers can redistribute data only through Apps, as long as they give credit to Zdaly as the source of data. The Enterprise Subscription allows redistribution of data through institutional license.

  • Is there a limit on API usage?

    To avoid degrading site performance, we limit API usage for free users to 500 calls/day, and for premium users to 50,000 calls/day. Contact us if your usage is >50,000 calls/day

  • What kind of Apps can I build with the data?

    You can analyze the data in a different form and repackage the data.

  • Does Zdaly promote my App?

    Every month Zdaly hosts an App contest. We promote the winner of this contest by providing free maraketing on our website, and to our clients. Submit your App to us. If you have made an app using Zdaly, please contact us.

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