Proprietary Integrated AI

Connects Disparate Data for Predictive and Prescriptive Intelligence

Why Zdaly?

Integrated AI Connects Entire Value Chain Data for Predictive Intelligence

Unstructured to Structured Data

Zdaly's Integrated AI uses as input disparate unstructured historical data and creates a uniform structured new data taxonomy saving significant manual labor work


Zdaly's AI platform provides a scalable collaborative platform connecting project plans across the value chain, including external general contractors, architects, engineering firms, subcontractors, and suppliers

Predictive and Prescriptive Intelligence

Zdaly's AI provides Predictive and Prescriptive Intelligence enterprise solutions for critical business decisions involving Project Management, Demand Management, Marketing, Cost, Logistics, and Risk Management

Connect External and Internal Data

Zdaly's breakthrough Integrated AI techonology powered by WorldData.AI connects clients' disparate historical data with billons of external data to augments human intelligence with Predictive Intelligence

Integrated AI for Project Management

Plan AI and Worksite AI

Integrates multiple projects and plans for the entire value chain to predict risks, cost and opportunities based on real-time field performance

Estimate and Procure AI

Predicts project cost, schedule and identifies key cost benchmarks and risks for bidding and project operations.

Fab and Workforce AI

Monitors assets (vessels/equipment) and workforce allocation across projects, yard space allocation, IOT and optimizes utilization

Integrated AI for Downstream Value Chain

Demand AI

AI predicts product demand at each Terminal by integrating real time data across the value chain and external factors

Logistics AI

Using Demand AI prediction, Logistics AI analyzes available site inventory and delivery time to eliminate run outs

Product Quality AI

AI detects whenever an unbranded product is sold at a branded site or the logistics provider makes an incorrect delivery

Integrated AI for Retail

Pricing AI

AI analyses competitor behaviour to prescribe optimal sales price of a product

Site Performance AI

AI predicts product demand at each Site and analyses Actuals against “Should Be” performance by integrating real time external factors

Marketing AI

AI decomposes retail sales for each terminal and predicts net value creation through marketing program

Zdaly and WorldData.AI are the partners for some of the world’s leading organizations

Our Proprietary Database of 3.3 Billion Trends Powers the Zdaly AI Models

Study has shown that 85% of business performance is driven by external factors, such as weather, macroeconomics, financial markets, employment, demographics, and trade. Analyzing the impact of these millions of factors on your business manually is impossible. Zdaly Hyper Computing Platform combines terabytes of your data with 3.3 billion external trends to discover External Factors that impact your business and builds predictive models.