Integrated AI for Project Management

Connecting Data in Real Time for Predictive
and Prescriptive Intelligence

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Scalable Collaborative Platform

Connecting project plans across the value chain, including General Contractors, Architects, Engineering Firms, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers.

Augments Existing Planning Tools

Using Predictive Intelligence on Schedule, Cost, Opportunities and Risks for your business.

Continuously Enhances Its Predictive Capability

AI continuously discovers opportunities and risks in portfolio plans to make predictions and offer solutions.

Supplements Internal Data With External Data

Using our proprietary blend of database sets from WorldData.AI – Zdaly’s to provide the best insights.

Plan AI

Upload project plans from disparate platforms (P6, MS Projects etc.) and contractors.

AI prescribes optimization considering external factors such as Swell Height, Wind Speed, Asset Specifications , Availability, Project Interdependencies, Downtime, Costs and Delivery Milestones

Predicts risks and opportunities in the overall portfolio

AI predicts project schedule, cost and downtime and provide the ability to easily create different scenarios by exchanging vessels/assets to reduce cost and schedule

Integrates portfolio of all stakeholders onto One Platform and provides ‘what-if’ scenarios

Worksite AI

Worksite AI is easy to deploy and tracks Progress at the Site against Plan

Real-time feedback with built notifications, dashboards and integrated Plans increases uptime

Estimate AI

Predicts project cost and schedule using historical datasets

Identifies key cost drivers by building decision trees on project risk, scenarios, and variability due to external factors

Procure AI

AI combines historical data with real time external data to predict changes in material cost

Vendor Market and commodity trend intelligence

Workforce AI

Integrates resource availability with real time Project Portfolio Plans and prescribes optimal project team based on availability and competency matching

Fab AI

AI optimizes fabrication, by learning space requirements, yard and asset availability, connects with Real Time IoT Data and Field Data, and prescribes optimal Project Plans

Digital Twin + Integrated AI
Our Collaborative Process Steps

Identify category of project for a POC

Identify Project Champions to Lead the Integrated AI Transformation

Align on detailed project plan, timeline and budget

Kickoff Pilot

Monitor Results