Integrated AI for Retail

Leveraging historical data and connecting
the Dots in Real Time for Predictive and
Prescriptive Intelligence

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Optimize Network Performance

AI prescribes pricing and value chain parameters to optimize network performance by connecting 1000s of variables through an Integrated Platform

Optimize Marketing

AI prescribes optimal marketing campaigns and predicts product and merchandise sales

Maximize Performance

AI prescribes optimal logistics and inventory levels to maximize site performance

Predictive Capabilities

AI learns from historical data and new data to continuously improve its Predictive capability

Pricing AI

AI prescribes optimal sales price of products

AI discovers main competitors that have significant influence on sales and their pricing behaviors, and prescribes based on local external factors

Marketing and Site Performance AI

AI predicts the net value creation through marketing campaign by decomposing sales and detecting the net value of campaign

AI analyzes customer site loyalty and incentive impact on sales

Terminal & Site Performance AI

AI predicts “Should Be” demand based on local external factors, marketing campaigns, and product price and evaluates against Actual Sales to prescribe performance of a Terminal and Product.